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Bytt är bytt is a Swedish antiques show broadcast on TV4. The first season started airing on 27 September 2014. The show is presented by Renée Nyberg and the antiques expert is Karin Laserow. The show is a Swedish TV-concept.

Type: Game Show

Languages: Swedish

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-09-27

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Eva Renée Agneta Nyberg, (born 17 May 1966) is a Swedish television presenter and journalist. She made her television debut at the TV4 news show in the early 1990s. She then worked for TV3 until 2014 presenting several shows such as Blåsningen, Byggfällan, 45 minuter and the Miljonjakten. Since September 214 Nyberg is an employee at TV4 hosting the antiquety show “Bytt är bytt”. Nyberg is married to TV4 television presenter David Hellenius and the couple have a son born in 2006.

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