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When marriages fail, divorce can turn ugly - even, deadly: what was once a passionate union becomes plagued by spite, greed, betrayal and, literally, backstabbing. Each episode explores tumultuous, shocking, and disturbing divorces, and delves into the criminal psychology behind what actually happens when one spouse determines that the only way out is murder. Guiding viewers through these crimes of passion are Dr. Brian Russell, an attorney as well as a forensic and clinical psychologist, and Stacy Kaiser, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert. In each episode, the two experts examine the couple featured and provide analysis on marriages that break down to the point that divorce and murder collide.

Fatal Vows - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-11-17

Fatal Vows - Della Sutorius - Netflix

Della Faye “Dante” Sutorius (August 8, 1950 – November 20, 2010) was an American woman who was convicted of murdering her husband in 1996.

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Della Sutorius's dramatic history with her husbands and the public perception of her as being a “black widow” attracted high levels of coverage from the press; her lawyer, ex-husbands, and ex-boyfriends were all reportedly approached by talk show hosts and news broadcasts such as Geraldo Rivera and Hard Copy. A spokeswoman for the Sally Jessy Raphael talk show Sally, which also pursued the story, explained that the case was “highly dramatic” and would be of appeal to daytime television watchers. Despite jury selection being slowed down by already-widespread news coverage of the case, CourtTV was permitted to televise coverage of the May 1996 trial. A 2010 episode of Dateline NBC covered the case in detail, interviewing Sutorius's family and friends as well as people who had been involved in her legal cases. Crime reporter Aphrodite Jones covered Sutorius's case in her 2002 book Della's Web. Her case is one of the thirteen famous murders reported on in the book The Cincinnati Crime Book (1998), by George Stimson. The Sutorius case was featured in 2005 on the Oxygen Network series Snapped, and the Investigation Discovery series Deadly Women and Fatal Vows. It was also in the Forensic Files episode “Second Shot at Love”.

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