Hayley - Netflix

Available as a Box Set on BBC II! starting 28 December 2016, and airing weekly on your telly beginning 4 January 2017, Hayley Pearce (the Tea Lady from "The Call Centre" and a typical twentysomething) explores the issues that affect her generation today.

Hayley - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-12-28

Hayley - Hayleys - Netflix

Hayleys PLC is a Sri Lankan multinational & diversified conglomerate. Hayleys accounts for 2.73% of Sri Lanka's export income. The Company operates through seven broad segments: Global Markets and Manufacturing, Agriculture, Power and Energy, domestic and industrial lighting, Transportation and Logistics, Leisure and Aviation, Consumer, and Investments and Services. Hayleys comprises over 130 business units and subsidiaries, 9 of which are publicly listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange. The company has 36,000 employees.

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Hayleys is a Sri Lankan diversified conglomerate headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Its main offices are located in and around the premises; however other manufacturing, agricultural, marketing and production bases are geographically spread around the country and throughout five different continents. Hayleys PLC, the Group’s holding company, has an AA-(Ika) by Fitch and a market capitalisation of 1.08%. However the composition of the entire Group includes 8 other publicly listed companies. The blue chip recorded its highest profits in the twelve months ending 31 March 2010, and made its single largest investment in its 130 plus year history – the buying over of the five star Ceylon Continental Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka now known as The Kingsbury. In 2010, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce ranked Hayleys as the country’s best corporate citizen, based on an analysis of several factors of CSR and sustainability, implemented throughout public and private spheres.

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