Summer's Lease - Netflix

Molly Pargeter has found the perfect Tuscan villa for her family's summer holiday. Molly had hoped to soak up the local colour and revel in the artistic masterpieces that surround her, instead she ends up exploring the mystery of the missing landlord. Meanwhile, her outrageously extroverted and libidinous father, Haverford Downs, has his sights set on a rich widow.

Summer's Lease - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1989-11-01

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This is the list of Masterpiece Theatre episodes in alphabetical order by year/season. The list includes episodes filmed as part of The American Collection.

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This lists the titles of the individual miniseries. Although they occasionally only ran for one episode, many ran for as many as ten or more installments. Some have been rebroadcast in later seasons, but the following lists them according to original season, and then in alphabetical order. In early 2008, Masterpiece Theatre and its affiliated program Mystery! were reformatted as Masterpiece. Masterpiece is aired as three different series. Masterpiece Classic airs in the winter and early spring, Masterpiece Mystery! in the late spring and summer, and Masterpiece Contemporary in the fall. For lists of episodes of these series, see List of Masterpiece Classic episodes, List of Masterpiece Mystery! episodes, and List of Masterpiece Contemporary episodes.

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