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The story takes place in Shinjuku, Tokyo. In spring, a mysterious student transfers to Magami Academy. His name is Hiyu Tatsuma. Then, he meets Horaiji Kyoichi of the kendo club, Daigo Yuya of the wresting club, Sakurai Komaki of the kyudo (Japanese archery) club, and Misato Aoki who is the student leader, as if they were attracted by something. Being influenced by Ryumyaku or Dragon Vein, which became active suddenly, they are awakened as "persons who posses powers". Since that day, monsters called "Oni" appear and begin to assault Tokyo. Also, those who use evil power to control Oni appear. To protect Tokyo from them, Tatsuma and his friend stand up to fight. Then, they have to face their destiny...

Tokyo Majin - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2007-01-19

Tokyo Majin - Tokyo Majin - Netflix

Tokyo Majin, known in Japan as Tokyo Demon Academy: The Book of Weapons - The Ascension (東京魔人學園剣風帖龖, Tōkyō Majin Gakuen: Kenpuchō Tō), is a Japanese anime series, which premiered in Japan on the anime satellite TV network Animax. A large part of Tokyo Majin Gakuen, it is loosely based on a series of Japan-only video games, and is directed by Shinji Ishihara. On June 26, 2007, ADV announced that they had acquired the license to this series (for $780,000). ADV distributed the series under the title of Tokyo Majin, dropping “Gakuen: Kenpuchō Tō” from the title. In 2008, the anime became one of over 30 ADV titles whose licenses were transferred to Funimation. American television network Chiller began airing the series as part of their Anime Wednesdays block on July 15, 2015.

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Kyoko Touno (遠野 杏子, Touno Kyoko) Voiced by: Sayaka Narita (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English) A member of the Newspaper Club at Magami Academy whom Kyouichi labels a stalker. Goes by the nickname “Anko”. A curious and determined girl, Kyoko is always out to get the scoop on Tatsuma and his group's actions. Sensing that the main characters may be hiding something, she tails them and witnesses them using their “powers”. She was overwhelmed by the fact that someone was murdered during their fight with Ryouichi Karasu and locked herself in her room, refusing to go anywhere. After some persuasion by Aoi, she reconciles with the main characters. She often helps them by providing information regarding the incidents happening around the city. She seems to have extensive information of everything and good research skills. It is shown towards the end of the second season that she has a crush on Kyouichi. Raito Umon (雨紋 雷人, Umon Raito) Voiced by: Go Shinomiya (Japanese); Jason Douglas (English) The vocalist of the rock band CROW. He has the ability to manipulate lightning and electricity, as well as the ability to use a form of spell casting (accompanied by chanting and symbols). He is an extremely skilled fighter, as he was able to defeat Kyouichi, Daigo and Komaki during their first meeting. Combat Style: Spear melee, Electrical manipulation, Spell-casting Maiko Takamizawa (高見沢 舞子, Takamizawa Maiko) Voiced by: Kyoko Hikami (Japanese); Melissa Davis (English) A nurse who works at Sakuragaoka Clinic. Although a bit of an airhead, she has the ability to see Yūrei. Maiko also has an intense empathy and compassion which allow her to connect with and soothe the psychologically damaged. She has an affinity for animals, and is often seem caring for stray pets. Because she is able to see (and ultimately heal) the spirit of Reiji Sagaya's dog, Maiko proves a true help during the Dream World encounter. When he recovers, Reiji develops a crush on her, and the two are eventually seen as a couple, planning their future. Maiko admires Takako Iwayama, aspiring to be as great as the doctor. A picture Maiko is seen studying seems to show that there is some relationship between Doctor Iwayama and Teacher Inugami, the picture seeming to imply he was some sort of father figure to Iwayama. Combat Style: Non offensive, Intense empathy Morihito Inugami (犬神 杜人, Inugami Morihito) Voiced by: Tomohiro Tsuboi (Japanese); John Gremillion (English) A teacher at Magami Academy, he is also Kyoko Tohno's homeroom teacher. He is often seen feeding rabbits in hutches in the school compound. Laid back and emotionless, he is not much of teacher since he never attends meetings. He seems to know about the actual events that are happening around the city. He is actually an Inugami (literally a Dog-God or Dog-Spirit), raised during the Edo period by the creator of Magami Academy to guard the old school grounds. Maria Alucard (マリア・アルカード, Maria Arukādo) Voiced by: Yuki Masuda (Japanese); Robin Terry (English) Tatsuma, Kyouichi and Aoi's homeroom teacher. She can be very childish as a teacher, often screaming at the students and throwing stuff at them. She is often annoyed by Kyouichi, who calls her Maria-chan and always comes up with excuses to skip class. Though her attitude does not show it, she cares deeply for the safety of her students. She rides a motorcycle to school everyday and often speaks in English. She is, in reality, an Ogre. She reveals towards the end of the second season that she had planned to harm humans, but the conflict seemed to have caused a change of heart and she now professes to want to protect and stay with humans, especially her students. Yukino Oribe (雪乃 織部) Voiced by: Michiru Yamazaki (Japanese); Kara Greenberg (English) One of two shrine maidens that are friends of Komaki. They later come to the aid of the main characters when they are forced to fight against a possessed Aoi. She, along with Hinano, appears to dislike men; she becomes very angry at Kyouichi when he first meets them. During the fight against Aoi, Yukino, Hinano, and Raito were able to combine their powers to perform what appeared to be a teleportation spell. Combat Style: Naginata-jutsu, Spell casting Hinano Oribe (雛乃 織部) Voiced by: Ryoko Ono (Japanese); Maggie Flecknoe (English) The second of two shrine maidens that are friends of Komaki. They later come to the aid of the main characters when they are forced to fight against a possessed Aoi. She appears to be very shy around men; she hides behind Yukino when Kyouichi first meets them. Combat Style: Kyūdō, Spell casting Takako Iwayama (岩山たか子, Iwayama Takako) Voiced by: Yoko Soumi (Japanese); Christine Auten (English) The doctor from Sakuragaoka Central Hospital. She has a healing ability allowing her to treat patients wounded by demonic powers. She treats those who are injured during the battle against Kodzunu. She knows Kyouichi from a very young age, as she said that he used to cry to her when he was young. Kyouichi doesn't like her as she tends to embarrass him in front of others. Combat Style: Kekkai, Purification of the dead Ryuuzan Arai (新井龍山, Arai Ryūzan) Voiced by: Ikyuu Juku (Japanese); Christopher Ayres (English) A fengshui master. The Oribe sisters are seen reporting to him. He knows about the history of Kodzunu's family and about the power of Aoi. Referred to as “Mr. Eyebrows” by Tendou Kodzunu. He appeared with Doushin Narasaki (楢崎道心), fighting Tendou in episode one. Sayo Hirasaka (比良坂紗夜, Hirasaka Sayo) Voiced by: Kozue Yoshizumi (Japanese); Serena Varghese (English) Second year student from Sakurajou High who was killed in the incident involving Ryouichi. Kodzunu revived her temporarily in order to make her lead Tatsuma into a trap. In exchange, Kodzunu had promised her that he would revive her parents, allowing her to live a normal life again. After leading Tatsuma into the trap, Kodzunu revealed that he was lying to her. In the end, before she dies again, she rescues Tatsuma from Kodzunu's trap. Alan Claude (アラン·クロード, Arren Kuraudo) Voiced by: Shuuhei Sakaguchi (Japanese); Josh Grelle (English) A mysterious delinquent who appears early in the second season. He doesn't seem too important, but is aware of the events going on around the city. He is close to Sera Rikudou and is the Vessel of the Azure Dragon or Seiryuu. At the end of season two events he is last seen by Sera's grave and appears to be ill, possibly a side effect of being a vessel as mentioned by Ryuuzan Arai. Ryuuji Yashiro / Chaos (耶之路龍治) Voiced by: Hiroaki Miura (Japanese); Blake Shepard (English) A wheelchair bound teenager who appears in the last episode of the first season. He is the second season's first antagonist. He can control people through a cellphone game that was played by Reiji Sagaya. Through the cellphone game, he sent a possessed person to kill Tatsuma's foster-parents. He is the Yin of the Golden Dragon and is possessed by Yagyuu at the end of the second season who then uses his powers.

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